Clafouti Patisserie in Toronto

Although faced with tough competitors on it’s Queen West block, this little cafe beats out both Nadege and Dufflet (two of the biggies of the Toronto pastry world). The decor and store front are definitely not worth a double take, but they work perfectly well with the unpretentious desserts they serve. A tiny bench outside the store and three little tables inside are all the seats they can fit into their tiny place, but luckily Trinity Bellwoods Park is located right across the street and they have plenty of seats.

Regardless, the one item that keeps me coming back is their wonderful Clafouti (or fruit tarts). Showcasing flaky pastry, a velvety pastry cream and a diverse variety of fillings; these small pieces of heaven are definitely more than worth $3.50 (which is what they charge on average). My favourites so far have been the wild berry and cherry Clafouti but I can’t really make a generalization without several more trips to the store. From what I’ve heard, their croissants are rated among the top in the city but unfortunately they sell out before the afternoon so I’ve never been able to try (if anyone has, please let me know what you think). This cafe also features Balzac’s (a roastery in the Distillery district) coffee which makes for phenomenal latte accompaniment for your dessert. If you’re hungry for something savory, around lunch time they also make croissant sandwiches but unfortunately they’re served slightly refrigerated.

Overall, I’m very excited to finally get around to reviewing Clafouti since it’s been one of my favourite pastry shops in Toronto for quite some time. I recommend avoiding going there on Mondays (since they’re closed) and anytime in the evening since they have an ever changing morning and afternoon schedule.

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  • Sounds like I need to further my Patisserie knowledge, and should be heading over to Trinity Bellwoods Park area to do it. Thanks LT.

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