Our culinary adventures in Rome (Part 2)

With my fellow blogger being so detailed while describing our Roman vacation I’d just like to talk about the pastry side of things. Unfortunately, it seems as though the Romans don’t really appreciate a fine pastry and will just settle for mediocre. The best looking pastries we’ve seen were at a French bakery and that’s not a joke.

The bread as a whole is tasteless and generally pretty disappointing. Their “secret” is to avoid putting salt in their doughs in order to allow for the salty cured meats they put in their paninis to shine through. I appreciate the gesture but I’d rather have great tasting bread!

Probably the best pastry I had in Rome was a Sicilian Cannelloni!!! The key word there being Sicilian…. but disregarding that, it was a perfect dessert. A very dense filling of riccotta and whipped cream flavoured by the simple yet amazing aroma of preserved orange peel. The shell crumbled only in your mouth, holding it’s cylindrical shape until the last bite and unlike its Canadian counterparts, it wasn’t soggy in the least bit.

That’s it for now… off to Florence for some more culinary adventures, we’ll keep you posted!



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