New Loblaws – Queen and Portland, Toronto

I must say that, in my opinion, Loblaws really tops all the other grocery stores in Toronto for the quality of products offered and their variety. Although it may be pricier than others, freshness is always guatanteed and the customer service is definitely admirable.

I had the pleasure to inaugurate their new location in the heart of Toronto just east of Queen St west and Portland and was more than impressed. It has the feel and attention to detail of competing high end grocery stores with the reliability I count on. The decor is modern, the selection of produce and baked goods is incredible for the amount of space and to top it all off the prices are comparable to less central stores.
The space is relatively large for a downtiwn location and they definitely took advantage of that with the layout of the store. More than half of the surface area is taken up by their fresh products (mostly thr bakery/pastry shop) and their produce. Around the perimeter one can find their staple stations such as a fish monger, the deli, the butcher, dairy section, hot prepared foods and my favourite a floor to ceiling cheese fridge. A small pharmacy and drug store is located in the far end of the store so it was proven that they did really think of everything.
The non perishable food aisles are littered with organic products and their glutten free section is one of the biggest I’ve seen in a grocery store.
For a foodie like me, this store is a blessing and I will surely begin scheduling all my social gatherings there.

PS: Sorry the pics are a little strange…. I was trying to be sneaky

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