Baluard Bakery – Barcelona

Located right across from the Barceloneta market in (surprise surprise) Barcelona, this amazing tahona (bakery) serves up incredible masterpieces made of flour, water, butter and love. The croissants served here are by far the most amazing I have ever had: they’re flaky and buttery to their saturation point. Since they bake at various intervals during the day, the pastries are always slightly warm and this certainly makes it an unforgettable experience.

Anna Bellsola is the creator and owner of Forn Baluard and she comes from a long line of bakers. Having trained in Italy and France, Anna has the knowledge to present her customers with over 40 different types of bread, each with its own process, flour and of course flavour. The breads vary from simple baguettes (made with imported French flour) to loaves of white bread, dense rye ,to toasted grains, whole grain options and a few spelt breads.  Her more elaborate breads feature dried fruits, nuts, tomatoes, olives, herbs and lemon zest (perfect to accompany seafood dishes). Chef Bellsola’s motto is that no two loaves are the same so her bakers hand shape all the breads and use a wood fired stone oven in order to create the perfect crust.



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