Taking food recycling to a whole new level

Figured this was a pretty neat piece of news to share with our readers.  Adam Smith is a trained UK chef who has come up with an interesting restaurant known as “The Real Junk Food Project”. He cooks up nutritious meals using volunteers and all food that is deemed “un-sellable” by supermarkets and restaurants. This is the food that has passed its arbitrary expiration date but is still usable.

The restaurant is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire and it has grown to involve a team of 5 directors and about 50 volunteers. Diners pay whatever they can/want to for the meals which generally involve a meat and veggie options, a sandwich and sometimes even dessert. If you can’t pay, well then, they put you to work and your reward is a warm meal at the end.

Adam’s intent behind this restaurant is to bring awareness to the large part of our population that is malnourished and to the amount of food wastage we produce as a society. It’s a project that has expanded exponentially within its first year and it can proudly announce that they’re close to saving 1 tonne of food from becoming waste!

Find out a little more about the project here by checking out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheRealJunkFoodProject or their website http://www.therealjunkfoodproject.co.uk.

*Photos are courtesy of the Real Junk Food Project Facebook page

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