Lemon TartHello, my name is Iulia B. (like Julia but better)
You may already know me as Lemon Tart
I love food because: it fills my tummy when I’m hungry
If I were a three word sentence I would be: Need more chocolate!
My favorite food/meal right now is: Warm peach crumble served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (it’s considered a meal if you eat the whole thing!)
If I could eat anywhere I would go to:  Oberlaa… a little pastry shop in Vienna that serves the most amazing home made lemon meringue pie
My favorite berry is: raspberry
If I could eat only one thing it would be (one meal): Beef bourguignon with freshly baked bread
Food makes me feel: like nothing else exists in the world but myself and the plate I’m about to enjoy
If i were a wild animal in a team environment, I would be a: a raccoon since everyone thinks they’re cute from afar but is too afraid to come near them
An important thing Ive learned is: bubbling water burns almost as much as hot pans!
Water is groovy only when I’ve dropped way too much acid
The strangest thing I ever cooked/prepared was: used to make mud broths spiced with a dash of pavement clippings
The strangest thing I ever ate was: school glue and sparkles
I general dislike early mornings
I can hold my breath for 77239757823987423985 seconds/min
Sunday afternoons are best spent: wasted
I firmly believe that well done is no longer an option yes
My favorite kitchen tool is the heatproof spatula… in green
If I were a cheese, I would be: swiss cheese cause I’m holey
Sometimes I cant help: scaring pigeons
I feel there should be a word that rhymes with orange: why?

When I dance I look like: this….

If I could have an old fashion pen-pal, it would be Columbo
I like math yes
I will not eat when full

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