Hello, my name is Jon Hennessey
You may already know me as Da Urban Newf
I love food because: Everyone loves what they are great at, and it keeps me from dying.
If I were a three word sentence I would be: Nude TV Chef.
My favorite food/meal right now is: Local Rack of Lamb prepped any style.
If I could eat anywhere I would go to: Fat Duck just outside of London, England
My favorite berry is: Black Berry
If I could eat only one thing it would be (one meal): Curry, haha tricked ya there, lots of different kinds of that. ( was that legal?)
Food makes me feel: angry when work is rockin, happy when i am full, intoxicated when paired with wine, and h?rny when its an aphrodisiac.
If i were a wild animal in a team environment, I would be a: Wolverine, like the comic, not that critter.
An important thing Ive learned is: do not shit where you eat!
Water is groovy: you need it for everything, so YES.
The strangest thing I ever cooked/prepared was: Seal Penis
The strangest thing I ever ate was: Seal Penis
I general like/dislike early mornings: Depends on the previous night, or who is with me.
I can hold my breath for: not many seconds, I have smoked for more years then I have not.
Sunday afternoons are best spent: With family or friends eating a nice, large meal, with the smell of your dinner throughout the entire house. Oh NL.
I firmly believe that well done is no longer an option, Yes, I think it is terrible, but people order it, and as much as I hate it, they get what they want.
My favorite kitchen tool is: Knife, you can do most thing with it, other tools just make it easier.
If I were a cheese, I would be: Aged Parmesan on a good day, Brie on a bad one.
Sometimes I cant help: but lick my fingers, its a habit.
I feel there should be a word that rhymes with orange: yes, why not, give the hip hop industry one more thing to add to their tracks.
When I dance I look like: A retarded person, who has just become retarded for the second time after getting drunk for his first time.
If I could have an old fashion pen-pal, it would be: Hitler, not because I liked him or what he did, but to ask, “What the hell were you thinking?”
I like math no, but i can get along.
I will not eat: Things I have tried in at least two different styles and still do not like

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