Hello, my name is: Philip.
You may already know me as: Al Dente.
I love food because: It brings family and friends together.
If I were a three word sentence I would be: Needs More Salt.
My favorite food/meal right now is: Brinner.
If I could eat anywhere I would go to: The French Laundry.
My favorite berry is: Blueberry
If I could eat only one thing it would be (one meal): O-torro at Tsukiji Fish Market.
Food makes me feel: All tingley inside.
If I were a wild animal in a team environment, I would be a/an: Probably
octopus, tiger hybrid. can always use more hands in the kitchen plus the strength, speed of the tiger. ***octoiger***
An important thing Ive learned is: Food doesn’t taste as good if your not sharing it with someone.
Water is groovy: (yes/no) Yes
The strangest thing I ever cooked/prepared was: A double decker burger(ground chicken a top of a ground beef patty) with a over-easy egg to top it all. fully garnished.
The strangest thing I ever ate was: Probably what i mentioned above.
I general like/dislike early mornings: Depends on if i’ve been out the night before
I can hold my breath for not enough seconds/min: minute 45 seconds.
Sunday afternoons are best spent: with the one you love, cooking with each other.
I *Firmly* believe that well done is no longer an option.
My favorite kitchen tool is: Chef’s knife, feel naked without it.
If I were a cheese, I would be: Parmigiano Reggiano
Sometimes I cant help: Falling in love with a great meal then and there.
I feel there should be a word that rhymes with orange: Of course, why isn’t there already one?
When I dance I look like: Carlton from “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”
If I could have an old fashion pen-pal, it would be: Jesus
I like math.
I will not eat: Nah, bring it all on. keep a bucket and a glass of water close by.

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