Hello, my name is Dylan Hagreen
You may already know me as West Coast Toast
I love food because it brings people together
If I were a three word sentence I would be: lather, rinse repeat
My favorite food/meal right now is: homemade pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil and capers
If I could eat anywhere I would be in my own kitchen surrounded with great friends
My favorite berry is: Chuck Berry
If I could eat only one thing it would be (one meal): Mushrooms.  I am allergic but I love the smell.  Maybe that’s why I love earthy wines so much.
Food makes me feel: alive
If I were a wild animal in a team environment, I would be : a manatee. Stealthy and slow but tough as nails
An important thing Ive learned is: the west coast winters rocks
Water is groovy hell ya!
The strangest thing I ever cooked/prepared was: bbq lobster.  Take a fresh (live) lobster and slice it right down the middle and toss it on the grill.  The little legs keep kicking for longer than you’d think
The strangest thing I ever ate was: Haggis
I general like early mornings
I can hold my breath for 1 second. After that I get bored.
Sunday afternoons are best spent: having brunch with my family
I firmly believe that well done is no longer an option
My favorite kitchen tool is: my pasta maker
If I were a cheese, I would be: Guinness Cheddar
Sometimes I cant help: you
I feel there should not be a word that rhymes with orange
When I dance I look like: scared turtle
If I could have an old fashion pen-pal, it would be The Spice Girls.
I like math, but it doesn’t like me
I will not eat: off your plate

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