The County General, Toronto

Located at the corner of Shaw and Queen West, this little venue is something to be reckoned with. Opened by Victor Barry and Carlo Catallo, the owners of Splendido, the County General offers a variety of greasy spoon classics with a new age twist. The food is delicious and is pretty much always available, even for take-out, since the kitchen runs until late. And to make things even better, they have a great cocktail list! The restaurant is very small, less than 30 seats, so don’t be surprised if you... Read The Rest →

A journey around Toronto’s pastry world (2)

So here we go again, more pastry talk from our epic journey around Toronto. Last post I talked about Frangipane Patisserie, Nadege, Patachou and La Bamboche. This post will bring us to the east side of Yonge and all the delicious treats that can be found around that side of town. Rahier Patisserie (Bayview and Manor Rd.) is a stone’s throw away from La Bomboche but it’s miles away in terms of quality.It is probably my favourite place in the city, based on the criteria of this little experiment! The... Read The Rest →

A journey around Toronto’s pastry world (1)

So it’s Saturday afternoon, the sky is grey and depressing, our stomachs are growling so what are we to do?!?! Well, most people would make lunch, but here at Notes On a Meal, we don’t find that to be enough so we embark on a French pastry shop journey. Equipped with a sneaky camera (well, a cell phone), three hungry bellies and a car (last item on the list is very important since the distances between them quite large) we set out to visit the “Great Ones”. In order to... Read The Rest →

O’noir Restaurant, Toronto

Hello all! After a slight delay we have returned with yet another Toronto restaurant review. This one is courtesy of one of our lovely contributors, Mr. Pyjama Chef. Enjoy… “Have you ever imagined losing one of your senses? Just consider spending 2 hours in a room where you can only hear, smell, touch, and taste but cannot see at all – that is what O’noir has in store for you. Once entering the restaurant, you are seated in the reception area where you make your dinner selections from either a... Read The Rest →

Banh Mi Boys Sandwich Shop, Toronto

Quick service, low prices and delicious food…what more coulod you want for lunch or a super quick dinner? Located just west of Spadina on Queen st, this little sandwich shop pounds out food like it’s going out of style. A very short menu helps the kitchen work fast on the fly and cook almost everything to order while keeping the lines as short as possible. The menu is divided into three sandwich styles: banh mi (white baguette), taco and a steamed bao (bun) all of which can be filled with... Read The Rest →

Guu Sakabar, Toronto

Having just opened its doors in the beginning of 2011 this location of the Guu empire (another location in Toronto, six in Vancouver and one in China) has definitely taken the Annex by storm. Located a block east of Bloor and Bathurst this Japanese pub (Izakaya) is constantly busy and I can definitely understand why. The atmosphere is fantastic, the food is strange but definitely tasty and the staff is probably the friendliest around. I promise you won’t be leaving the venue disappointed. If you’re interested in dining or even... Read The Rest →

Final meal at Marben, Toronto

I am very disappointed to have to write this review but I think in light of the situation, I need to stand up for what I believe! Marben has a special place in my heart but all feelings aside, Notes on a Meal readers deserve my honesty. A few months ago, my fellow diner and myself received a meal that was a little off (a.k.a. expired to the point of stomach malfunction). It was a very unfortunate accident and it was forgiven and forgotten due to the numerous outstanding meals... Read The Rest →


“A little farmhouse revival” in downtown Toronto Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being invited to dine at the Chef’s table at Marben, a cozy and cool restaurant specializing in the art of butchery and charcuterie. From what I understand, the imaginative and passionate kitchen staff of Marben are responsible for making nearly every single item that hits the table, right down to the bread and condiments. What makes things even better is the fact that most, if not all, of the produce and meats served are grown... Read The Rest →

Torito Restaurant, Toronto

A fierce competitor for the number one restaurant in Toronto (in my books anyways) is Torito, a little restaurant in Kensington Market (Augusta and College st) serving up delicious tapas. The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly, the staff is very knowledgeable and very genuine and welcoming and the kitchen (open to the dining room) is absolutely spotless. Although for appetizer sized portions this place is a little pricey, it is definitely worth the splurge just for the attention to detail and flavour that is apparent from the chef. ... Read The Rest →

Tacos el Asador – Toronto

If you’re craving some spicy “Mexican” food and find yourself in the Annex, well then Tacos El Asador is definitely worth a try. Located just east on Bloor from Christie, this little place cannot be missed. Regardless of the time of day, the half dozen little picnic tables located inside are always full and the take-out counter just as busy. Although there’s a Mexican flag proudly displayed on the wall, this place is just a blend of Central American flavours and a North American standard for these particular combinations. Bring... Read The Rest →

Pizzeria Libretto Revisited

After much deliberation and some very full stomachs, it has been officially decided that Pizzeria Libretto is my top restaurant of Toronto. Last night we returned for the second time, only to be enchanted once again by the warm and cozy atmosphere and unforgettable food. Similar to our first experience, the service was flawless, the staff knowledgeable and friendly (but not over the top) and the meal was outstanding. During dinner it really dawned on me how important it is to be true to your ingredients. Pizzeria Libretto does exactly... Read The Rest →

Pizzeria Libretto – Toronto

I can honestly say that I’ve been waiting a really long time for a Toronto restaurant to awe me in such a way. Authentic Italian pizza, an extensive wine list, service that isn’t pretentious and a warm friendly atmosphere all make Pizzeria Libretto (221 Ossington) one of the best dining experiences you’ll have in this vast city. Expect prices to be a little higher than your average chain pizzeria but parting with your money won’t be hard once you’ve tasted the food. Having a tiny storefront in a neighbourhood that... Read The Rest →

The Burger’s Priest, Toronto

On a mission to stifle a burger craving we found ourselves driving by a little place in the east end of Toronto known as “The Burger’s Priest” (Queen and Coxwell). I definitely cannot stress enough how small this restaurant is, but somehow it seats six and feeds many more. The place prides itself on keeping their burgers as simple as possible in order showcase their freshly ground beef and stay away from the previously frozen “meat” that is normally served in most burger joints. A large griddle, a few deep... Read The Rest →

Marben Restaurant – Once Again

Having become a regular at this establishment I felt the need to write a little update on the progress that this restaurant is making. Being open for just three months, the word about the wonderful food at Marben (in Toronto on Wellington St. West) has spread like the plague. Their business has boomed and to be honest, it appears as though nothing but the energy of the staff is being compromised with this increase in reservations. The food is definitely the highlight of any Marben experience. With outstanding combinations of... Read The Rest →

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