Great beginnings…

I’ve always been passionate about food and I do feel like I’ve definitely enjoyed it more than those around me. It doesn’t only nourish me but it makes all problems better, cheers me up, calms me down, excites me, and if it was a person, it’d be my soul mate. It wasn’t until recently that I gave in to these thoughts and decided to take it to the next level. I’m soon coming up to my two year anniversary of being a part of the culinary industry and it’s been an amazing ride thus far.

I come from a very science oriented academic background, with a degree in Bio, Chem and Math (just for that added touch of nerd) and despite my achievements I never really felt satisfied. One miserable day when it seemed like the world couldn’t have been any worse, I baked a pie. It seems very silly for anyone who doesn’t share my passion, but that one single pie made all my problems go away. The moment I opened the oven and smelled the sweet aroma of the fruits bubbling away under the beautifully golden crust, I had my epiphany. I needed to cook! Shortly thereafter, I applied to culinary school and it led me where I am today.

I will admit, I had my doubts along this journey. At first, I doubted myself since I started school with others that had been an active part of the industry for many years and I really had no clue what I was doing. Then I doubted my passion, since I unfortunately worked in a kitchen where cooking didn’t matter. Everything came pre-packaged and frozen and my newly learned skills were not required when reheating something in the microwave (I did get really good at opening pesky packaging). Lastly, I really doubted my endurance since the long and strenuous hours came as a complete surprise to my inexperienced body. Regardless, I fought through all that and here I am today.

I’m done school and working in a bakery, making beautiful desserts all day long. I’m constantly learning and challenging myself into working efficiently and tidy (two very important qualities in the kitchen). But I think the most important realization is that someone is actually paying me to play with food. How awesome is that?!

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  • Two years – congratulations! It’s awesome to enjoy your work. Not a lot of people have that same sense of accomplishment. It’s rewarding to make things people love and a real responsibility to do it well. I hope you enjoy many years ‘playing with your food’ :)

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