Taking food recycling to a whole new level

real junk food project 2

Figured this was a pretty neat piece of news to share with our readers.  Adam Smith is a trained UK chef who has come up with an interesting restaurant known as “The Real Junk Food Project”. He cooks up nutritious meals using volunteers and all food that is deemed “un-sellable” by supermarkets and restaurants. This is the food that has passed its arbitrary expiration date but is still usable. The restaurant is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire and it has grown to involve a team of 5 directors and about... Read The Rest →

A journey around Toronto’s pastry world (2)

So here we go again, more pastry talk from our epic journey around Toronto. Last post I talked about Frangipane Patisserie, Nadege, Patachou and La Bamboche. This post will bring us to the east side of Yonge and all the delicious treats that can be found around that side of town. Rahier Patisserie (Bayview and Manor Rd.) is a stone’s throw away from La Bomboche but it’s miles away in terms of quality.It is probably my favourite place in the city, based on the criteria of this little experiment! The... Read The Rest →

A journey around Toronto’s pastry world (1)

So it’s Saturday afternoon, the sky is grey and depressing, our stomachs are growling so what are we to do?!?! Well, most people would make lunch, but here at Notes On a Meal, we don’t find that to be enough so we embark on a French pastry shop journey. Equipped with a sneaky camera (well, a cell phone), three hungry bellies and a car (last item on the list is very important since the distances between them quite large) we set out to visit the “Great Ones”. In order to... Read The Rest →

O’noir Restaurant, Toronto

Hello all! After a slight delay we have returned with yet another Toronto restaurant review. This one is courtesy of one of our lovely contributors, Mr. Pyjama Chef. Enjoy… “Have you ever imagined losing one of your senses? Just consider spending 2 hours in a room where you can only hear, smell, touch, and taste but cannot see at all – that is what O’noir has in store for you. Once entering the restaurant, you are seated in the reception area where you make your dinner selections from either a... Read The Rest →

Ma Maison enters a gingerbread competition

Just in time for the holidays, the Ma Maison team decided to enter a fierce but fun gingerbread competition. The rules were simple, make “something” out of gingerbread was basically all we were told. The construction had to be 2x2x2 feet and everything except the base had to be edible. Ma Maison came up with the idea of a bakery and although our results didn’t win the prize, a few great lessons were learned in the process. Here is what was created and some of the competitiors


Having always been fascinated about the art of making macarons, I’m proud to put up this little post as a tutorial for those wanting to try this process out. Just to clarify, I’m not talking about those fairly disappointing and overly sweet coconut confections but about the colourful and extremely flavourful french macarons. A thick and shiny shell, a gooey meringue and a silky ganache are only a few of the important attributes of a perfect macaron. So here are the instructions to making your own: 1. Weigh out your... Read The Rest →

Great beginnings…

I’ve always been passionate about food and I do feel like I’ve definitely enjoyed it more than those around me. It doesn’t only nourish me but it makes all problems better, cheers me up, calms me down, excites me, and if it was a person, it’d be my soul mate. It wasn’t until recently that I gave in to these thoughts and decided to take it to the next level. I’m soon coming up to my two year anniversary of being a part of the culinary industry and it’s been... Read The Rest →

Pickled Asparagus

Here we go with our first pickling date of the season! Asparagus is out in full force and on a pretty solid whim, we decided to stock up and rip into a pickling frenzy. Goal: 12 jars of pickled asparagus. Method: 1. Trim asparagus of woody ends.  Each stalk should be about two inches shorter than the top of jar being used. Preheat oven to 375F (will help with sealing the jars) and place the lids in a pot of boiling water until need. 2.  Blanch asparagus in slightly alkaline... Read The Rest →

DIY Sous Vide Challenge

Evan and I are looking to build a DIY sous vide machine.  We are sourcing the parts and are just about to ready to rock and roll. If anyone is interested in playing with us, drop us a line… Here’s what we’ve come up with so far: -in principal any body of water can be used to cook sous vide. -the primary concern of cooking sous vide is keeping the temperature as constant as possible -a PID is a high tech tool used to monitor something or other, but ultimatly... Read The Rest →

The $20 Challenge

Being starving students, saving some money is never a bad thing.  A couple of us came up with a neato idea.  The rules are simple. 1. Make a meal for two for $20 or less. 2. The meal must include 3 courses.  Something along the lines of an app, a main and a dessert. Or two apps, and a main. You get the idea here… 3.  The main needs to have a protein, vegetable and starch component. 4.  Items typically found in the pantry such as spices, herbs, s+p, oils... Read The Rest →

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