Etobicoke Farmers Market

It’s definitely the time of the season when all fruits and vegetables are flourishing and most certainly the best time to visit a farmers market. Not necessarily for the prices but for the quality and freshness of the ingredients available there. My family and I have been avid consumers of the Etobicoke Farmers Market (located in the Etobicoke City Hall parking lot at Burnhamthorpe and West Mall) every Saturday for the past few years. From it’s beginning in early June until the very last few “warm” weekends around Thanksgiving, Ontario farmers line up their produce and are more than happy to share their stories with you. It’s only open on Saturdays between approximately 8am and 2pm but I do recommend you getting there early in order to have first dibs. (I do believe that on Sundays the whole market moves to the Square One parking lot in Mississauga but I cannot guarantee that the same products will be available)

Right now at the market sweet Ontario plums and pears are making an appearance. Also, phenomenal peppers and new potatoes are also available. One word of a warning, if you want a true experience, avoid buying from the “Foodland Ontario” tables (you’ll also notice the brand on their t-shirts) since it’s generally mass produced and the same products you’ll find at your local Loblaws but for a little more in price. Also, at one end of the market you have a poultry mobile (fresh eggs, chickens, ducks, quails, etc) a smoked meat shop (sausages, etc) and a local honey producer. Finally, if you’re not in the mood to make breakfast at home before heading out here, try the fresh apple fritters (served with local maple syrup) which are definitely a treat worth going to the market for.

PS: For those getting ready for the pickling season, they have a bushel of small pickles (perfect size) for $25!

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