Sea Witch Fish & Chip Toronto

Cod: two and a bit

Having a British heritage (not me, but my partner in crime) means that you inherently crave fish and chips on a regular basis and not just any ol’ fried piece of fish will do. There are a few great places around town, located in obscure strip malls in and around the suburbs of Toronto that we’ll mention at a later time, but this post is about our newest discovery. Sea Witch Fish and Chip restaurant is found on St. Clair, just west of Bathurst. They’ve been open since the end... Read The Rest →

Taking food recycling to a whole new level

real junk food project 2

Figured this was a pretty neat piece of news to share with our readers.  Adam Smith is a trained UK chef who has come up with an interesting restaurant known as “The Real Junk Food Project”. He cooks up nutritious meals using volunteers and all food that is deemed “un-sellable” by supermarkets and restaurants. This is the food that has passed its arbitrary expiration date but is still usable. The restaurant is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire and it has grown to involve a team of 5 directors and about... Read The Rest →

The Bristol Yard, Toronto

After so much hype around this tiny little restaurant, I was very excited to have a meal at the Bristol Yard (146 Christie St.) and after almost 6 months of trying we got in for brunch. The restaurant is only open for a handful of meals in the week (Wednesday evening, Friday dinner, Saturday and Sunday) and with only 20 seats inside, you can see why it’s so difficult to get into. All the great food blogs of Toronto have been raving about the British comfort food served here so I had... Read The Rest →

Banh Mi Boys Sandwich Shop, Toronto

Quick service, low prices and delicious food…what more coulod you want for lunch or a super quick dinner? Located just west of Spadina on Queen st, this little sandwich shop pounds out food like it’s going out of style. A very short menu helps the kitchen work fast on the fly and cook almost everything to order while keeping the lines as short as possible. The menu is divided into three sandwich styles: banh mi (white baguette), taco and a steamed bao (bun) all of which can be filled with... Read The Rest →

Whole wheat, banana berry muffins

Simple and very very healthy, possibly also somewhat tasty, these muffins are a great way to start the day. Should mention that they are egg free and can very easily become dairy free or gluten free. I made mine with wheat germ, blueberries, dried currants and coconut but the possibilities are endless as long as you remember to balance out flavors. Another good combination would be carrot, orange and ginger. So here goes, the recipe is super easy: - 1 cup of sugar (I used brown. If you do the... Read The Rest →

New Loblaws – Queen and Portland, Toronto

I must say that, in my opinion, Loblaws really tops all the other grocery stores in Toronto for the quality of products offered and their variety. Although it may be pricier than others, freshness is always guatanteed and the customer service is definitely admirable. I had the pleasure to inaugurate their new location in the heart of Toronto just east of Queen St west and Portland and was more than impressed. It has the feel and attention to detail of competing high end grocery stores with the reliability I count... Read The Rest →

Guu Sakabar, Toronto

Having just opened its doors in the beginning of 2011 this location of the Guu empire (another location in Toronto, six in Vancouver and one in China) has definitely taken the Annex by storm. Located a block east of Bloor and Bathurst this Japanese pub (Izakaya) is constantly busy and I can definitely understand why. The atmosphere is fantastic, the food is strange but definitely tasty and the staff is probably the friendliest around. I promise you won’t be leaving the venue disappointed. If you’re interested in dining or even... Read The Rest →

The Burger’s Priest, Toronto

On a mission to stifle a burger craving we found ourselves driving by a little place in the east end of Toronto known as “The Burger’s Priest” (Queen and Coxwell). I definitely cannot stress enough how small this restaurant is, but somehow it seats six and feeds many more. The place prides itself on keeping their burgers as simple as possible in order showcase their freshly ground beef and stay away from the previously frozen “meat” that is normally served in most burger joints. A large griddle, a few deep... Read The Rest →

Etobicoke Farmers Market

It’s definitely the time of the season when all fruits and vegetables are flourishing and most certainly the best time to visit a farmers market. Not necessarily for the prices but for the quality and freshness of the ingredients available there. My family and I have been avid consumers of the Etobicoke Farmers Market (located in the Etobicoke City Hall parking lot at Burnhamthorpe and West Mall) every Saturday for the past few years. From it’s beginning in early June until the very last few “warm” weekends around Thanksgiving, Ontario... Read The Rest →

New Generation Sushi on Bloor

Located west of Spadina on Bloor, this busy Toronto restaurant definitely caters to the nearby university crowd with their affordable pricing, quick service and good food. It’s become a bit of a regular spot for dinner for two very tired chefs providing enough nutrition for us to consider it a blessing that neither one of us has to cook. It’s always busy for dinner so expect a 10-15 minute wait but the experience is worth it. The food is as fresh as any other affordable sushi is but it’s brought... Read The Rest →

Marben Revisited

I must admit, it was definitely the creativity and passion that went into making the food exceptional that brought me back to Marben after only a couple weeks. It’s Wellington West location in Toronto is definitely one that is starting to attract more and more attention. Just like on opening day, the patio and most of the indoor space was saturated with people out to have a great meal. However, the vibe is definitely more relaxed than that of the first night which definitely puts the diners at ease as... Read The Rest →

Chef’s House Restaurant

So having been on both sides of the counter in this King st East restaurant I can’t give a fair review on the food since I’m prone to forgiving mistakes a little more easily. However, I will try my hardest to be as unbiased as possible when judging my latest food experience there, since it was a fairly good one. To explain the concept behind the restaurant a little better: it’s a very integrated part of the learning experience of both the culinary and the hospitality students at George Brown.... Read The Rest →

Bonjour Brioche…. and yummy croissants

Wooow…. if there’s a place that really deserves the praise that Toronto Life gives it on a regular basis, Bonjour Brioche is definitely it. Located in the east end of town, in a very inconspicuous and currently slightly grungy area, this little locale is a true gem. The decor is uninspiring to say the least. Overwashed and completely outdated tablecloths cover the shabby furniture and detract from what should really be the focal point, the service counter. Spanning over almost a third of the floor space, the counter is the... Read The Rest →

The $20 Challenge

Being starving students, saving some money is never a bad thing.  A couple of us came up with a neato idea.  The rules are simple. 1. Make a meal for two for $20 or less. 2. The meal must include 3 courses.  Something along the lines of an app, a main and a dessert. Or two apps, and a main. You get the idea here… 3.  The main needs to have a protein, vegetable and starch component. 4.  Items typically found in the pantry such as spices, herbs, s+p, oils... Read The Rest →

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