Tasty European Travels – Part 1

I know it sounds very silly to consider a place like the Amsterdam Airport a worthwhile point on our European culinary journey but it was definitely an eye opening experience. It was our first encounter with the food culture present on this continent and how different it is from what we’re used to in Canada.

North American fast food chains were present but they were hidden in far corners of the building while local sandwich shops were taking culinary center stage in the main food courts. Fresh fare and organic food were available at reasonable prices (remember that it is an airport and everything is more expensive).

In addition to restaurants offering quick bites, the airport also has a fine dining option. A wine bar serving fresh seafood was just opening its doors are we were walking around around 7am. Fresh oysters, herring dishes and a variety of other daily catches were on the menu for the day. Remember, all of this is happening in an airport!! (Toronto Airport offers an Aramark catered “Grill” restaurant)

Finally, my personal favourite locale was the chocolate and dessert shop. Impeccably presented, innovative flavours and flawless decorations made this pastry shop a museum of tasty bits. Prices were a little steep (again airport) with an individual cake ranging from 6 to 10 euros but I can imagine there would be no regrets for spending the extra cash.

More tasty travel details are to follow…. enjoy the pics in the mean time


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