Moroco Chocolat, Toronto

Let’s just say, that if Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland had a baby, well, it would look a lot like Moroco Chocolat!!!! Located just behind the store fronts of Yorkville Avenue, this venue calls out to every adult’s inner child while still allowing them the¬†sophistication¬†that the neighbourhood endorses. It’s cute, whimsical and it will satisfy your every want and need as it morphs from pastry shop, to restaurant, to lounge; all in one day.

Being a macaron fanatic, I was very enthused to try theirs since it was one of the last places in the city I hadn’t explored. Unfortunately, on a scale of 1 to 10, they fell slightly above the average, at a solid 6, mostly due to their creative flavours in theory but lack of taste overall. However, the experience of buying them was by far the best in the city. The pastry shop at Moroco Chocolat truly made me feel like a kid in a candy store (bad pun, sorry) with its beautiful displays, huge selection and even a giant macaron/chocolate structure of the Mad Hatter tea party. The staff did unfortunately lack a little bit of knowledge or even initiative to sell any products; but luckly the store is filled with pamphlets explaining their treats and flavours.

If you do decide to venture out there and try the macarons for yourself, I do recommend trying some of their seasonal flavours since those really show the pastry chef’s creativity. Some of the winter season combinations include: chocolate cherry, red wine & fig, gingerbread and pumpkin. My overall favourite was salted caramel and luckily that’s a regular flavour. In respect to the nitty gritty details of the macaron, the texture of the cookie was spot on, not too chewey and not too soggy. The ratio of ganache in the sandwich was a little lacking but it may have a little to do with their storage method (room temperature as opposed to the fridge). Overall, with a little more flavour in the fillings, these macarons would be sublime.

As for the rest of the Moroco Chocolat offerings, I’ll have to return to sample them all, especially their huge array of chocolates.

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