For the love of cupcakes

Ever had a dire need to devour a cupcake in the middle of the night and felt way too lazy to bake your own?! Well in a few select cities in the world, you could just go around the corner to your nearest Cupcake ATM and quench that craving. Sprinkles Cupcakes, founded in Beverly Hills, has been installing these treat dispensers all over the US (so far New York, Washington DC and Chicago). Their concept is simple: insert your credit card, choose your flavour and enjoy your dessert. The cupcakes are restocked twice a day and the machine holds about 600 at a time so there’s very little chance of you not receiving a freshly baked treat. To make things even more exciting, the machine also carries a special cupcake flavour for your dog. Price wise, the cupcakes are only 50 cents more than they are in store and this is attributed to the “ATM fees”. I personally cannot wait until we get one of these babies in Toronto!

Here are some pictures I found around the net:

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