For the love of cupcakes

Ever had a dire need to devour a cupcake in the middle of the night and felt way too lazy to bake your own?! Well in a few select cities in the world, you could just go around the corner to your nearest Cupcake ATM and quench that craving. Sprinkles Cupcakes, founded in Beverly Hills, has been installing these treat dispensers all over the US (so far New York, Washington DC and Chicago). Their concept is simple: insert your credit card, choose your flavour and enjoy your dessert. The cupcakes... Read The Rest →

O’noir Restaurant, Toronto

Hello all! After a slight delay we have returned with yet another Toronto restaurant review. This one is courtesy of one of our lovely contributors, Mr. Pyjama Chef. Enjoy… “Have you ever imagined losing one of your senses? Just consider spending 2 hours in a room where you can only hear, smell, touch, and taste but cannot see at all – that is what O’noir has in store for you. Once entering the restaurant, you are seated in the reception area where you make your dinner selections from either a... Read The Rest →

Food Scan 1: You and Your Kitchen

Our first food scan takes us into the modern kitchen. Here, finally, in one place, are all the items a modern chef will need to get cooking… All joking aside, not much has changed when you really look at it.  But my god, look at the colors! Click on the image to see it in all its glory. Its a biggie so it might take a bit longer then normal.

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