OddSeoul, Toronto

OddSeoul is awesome !!!! That’s the best way to begin a post that will only boast the qualities of this amazingly hipster venue. Located at 90 Ossington St., behind an unmarked entrance, this is truly a gem on the strip serving great food, loud music and an overall good vibe. Brothers Leeto and Leemo Han, owners of Swish by Han (38 Wellington St. East) show their innate skills as¬†restaurateurs¬†in this diverse city of ours.

The place feels trendy and unfortunately looks like it’s own version of any other foodie mecca. Recycled materials, loud music, dim lights, industrial finishes, peeling posters, vintage boom boxes, bottles of homemade alcohol infusions, a DJ… all are words that can describe any food blogger’s top ten restaurants of Toronto. However, the mystique of having no street or internet presence is what sets this place apart for all the skeptics. But I’m not here to discuss the mundane details the decor of just another Ossington restaurant, what I really want to discuss is the food…

The grub at OddSeoul is a North American rendition of traditional Korean dishes so expect bold flavours, heat and an incredible variety of textures in every bite. Spicy deep fried prawns, steamed bun sandwiches, torched mackerel, bulgogi cheesesteak, kimchi pork fried rice, are just a few of the handful of dishes on the menu. What I suggest and have done almost every single time is to order the entire list of “snacks” (about 5-15$ each) and indulging yourself in an amazing culinary experince (this is recommended if you’re sharing with at least one more person, otherwise the entire list is waaaaay too much food). My favourite by far is the “Loosey” which is a homemade burger topped with kimchi mayo, orange cheddar, some sort of spicy something or other and served in a white bread sandwich. It’s messy but absolutely delicious, worth getting more than one!

Overall, OddSeoul is certainly my top restaurant in Toronto in 2013. The food is great, the music is booming, the staff is friendly, the atmosphere is intoxicating and it has a fairly inexpensive bill at the end of the evening. All in all, a definite recommendation on my part!

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