Quote from Leon Kass, Ethicist, from his book The Hungry Soul: Eating and the Perfection of Our Nature

“…nature does everything in the operations of a beast, whereas man contributes to his operations by being a free agent. The former chooses or rejects by instinct and the latter by an act of freedom, so that a beast cannot deviate from the rule that is prescribed to it even when it would be advantageous to do so, and a man deviates from it often to his detriment. Thus a pigeon would die of hunger near a basin filled with the best meats, and a cat upon heaps of fruits... Read The Rest →

Book: The Making of a Chef

From the beginning pages of the book with the opening quote from A. Escoffier, “Everything is relative but there is a standard which must not be deviated from, especially with reference to the basic culinary preparations.” You get a sense that Michael has not written this book half heartedly. In fact as a reader you can almost taste the passion this man had and has for cooking and food. Michael is a writer by profession but a cook by passion. Only after going through the culinary program at the CIA... Read The Rest →

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