Paleo diet – week 3

Before I go on talking about this week’s dessert specialty, I will admit that we caved in one day this week and destroyed a pizza. It was honestly the worst thing we could do since it really upset our stomachs but it was entirely necessary (hangover, rainy day, injuries,various other excuses, etc). Other than that oneĀ gluttonous meal, we’ve been following this diet as religiously as possible so it shouldn’t affect our end results. Now that I got that off my chest, I’ll let you guys in on our Paleo chocolate... Read The Rest →

Paleo diet – Week 2

Two weeks into the Paleo diet and we feel great. Some weight has been lost but most importantly we’ve survived the first (and hardest) half of this diet. Our energy levels have returned to normal and we’re definitely not as “hungry” all the time. We’ve even taken to talking about regular food with only slight increases in our salivation levels. Regardless, I’ve personally found it to be very challenging to withhold from eating desserts so I’ve began experimenting with Paleo sweets. This is just the beginning but so far I’ve... Read The Rest →

New Year’s Resolution

Since it’s January and the holidays were exactly as expected, gluttonous when it came to food, it is time for our weight loss resolution of 2013. I researched all sorts of diets and really struggled with deciding what goodies I actually wanted to give up. Luckily, in the middle of my procrastinated search, our new gym offered us a 30 day weight loss challenge. We have just embarked on the Paleo Diet and are going back to our hunting and foraging roots for nourishment. Each day gets awarded a point... Read The Rest →

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