Banh Mi Boys Sandwich Shop, Toronto

Quick service, low prices and delicious food…what more coulod you want for lunch or a super quick dinner? Located just west of Spadina on Queen st, this little sandwich shop pounds out food like it’s going out of style. A very short menu helps the kitchen work fast on the fly and cook almost everything to order while keeping the lines as short as possible.
The menu is divided into three sandwich styles: banh mi (white baguette), taco and a steamed bao (bun) all of which can be filled with one of few meat or veggie options. I can definitely recommend the pulled pork on the steamed bao. Served with cucumber, pickled carrots and cilantro, the pulled pork is not overly sweet or juicy and therefore the sandwich is not messy and can be eaten on the go (pulled pork sandwiches usually result in a laundry day for me). The cilantro and pickled carrots complement the saucy meat very well, keeping the sandwich light and leaving a very fresh flavor in your mouth. All orders come in a varying degree of spiciness so choose carefully (don’t be brave) and keep it milder in order to truly enjoy the flavours.
The shop has a limited amount of seating that’s generally occupied so I do recommend getting your meal to go and enjoying it on the go.


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