Acadia Restaurant – Toronto

I want to make this review as short and sweet as possible by simply saying that this was the BEST meal I’ve had in Toronto to date (maybe even the best meal of the past few years). The food was  innovative and certainly delicious, the atmosphere was cozy and warm and the service impeccable.

Although the decor of the locale is simple, almost banal, the food is certainly not. Intricate dishes, explosive flavours and an exquisite imagination only begin to describe the amazing meal that we had. Chef Patrick Kriss is an artist and definitely a force to be reckoned with on the culinary scene! I recommend heading there for their tasting menu (along with the wine pairing), since it is the easiest way to unleash the capabilities of such a talented kitchen. Furthermore, one of the most memorable elements of the meal was the service. Careful, knowledgeable waiters decrumbed our table almost after every course, changing cutlery and sharing tasting notes for the exquisite wines we sampled. Never being intrusive and always comfortable to answer any question without running back and forth to the kitchen, the staff was outstanding. To make things even better, this kind of service didn’t require a full uniform (everyone was wearing jeans and t-shirts) but simply a clear understanding of what it means to serve a customer.

Just a small word of advice: don’t expect this dinner to be innexpensive but it is certainly worth every penny. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did and I cannot wait to hear your comments.

*Acadia is located at 50 Clinton St. (west of Bathurst on College st) and I strongly recommend reservations

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  • Totally agree. I went to Acadia about 6 months ago and to date that’s my best meal in Toronto and the best first course ever.
    As you said, service was perfect and waiters really knowledgeable. They were even able to talk about the maps on the wall representing the Acadia from the eighteenth century!

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