Thanksgiving Dinner

Just after Thanksgiving is over in all of North America, we can look back at the epic meal we got to share with those near and dear to us. If you get hungry or want to join our meal squad, drop us a line and the Notes On A Meal crew will definitely sign you up for whatever event we may be cooking up in the near future (get it?!!? cooking up!!…. I know, real lame). Anyway, the dinner was aimed to remain as local and seasonal as possible with an unbearable amount of food for everyone (mostly for the leftover turkey and stuffing sandwiches the morning after).
Here’s the menu in short:

- Butternut squash soup with a cracked black pepper Chantilly Cream

- Turkey (good ol’ fashioned oven roasted Rowe Farms bird)
- Ginger glazed ham – this year we did a maple syrup and ginger beer baste and had the pork on the BBQ for 4 hours
- Mashed Potatoes – loads of butter and cream of course
-Homemade sausage stuffing – Sage and Rob’s rustic house made sausage
- Gravy – the “creme de la creme” of turkey goodness involved a 15L stock reduction to merely a litre of concentrated ¬†Thanksgiving flavour
- Green and Yellow beans – simply sauteed with garlic and lemon zest
- Brussel Sprouts – finely shredded and roasted with bacon and a little maple syrup
- Glazed carrots – honey and butter glaze
- Creamed corn – simple, sweet corn
- Pickled beets – yellow, red and candy cane beets pickled with star anise, ginger, pepper and fennel seed

- Pumpkin Pie
- Apple pie with creme anglaise
- Mixed fruit pie – Fresh figs, black cherries, apples, pears, peaches and probably the kitchen sink as well
- Ma Maison’s wonderful macarons and Valrhona chocolate mousse cake

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