Sushi 930 – Toronto

Located just outside the trendy Liberty Village, Sushi 930 (930 King Street West), is a great little place for a quick dinner or lunch. It may not be worth going out of your way for this Japanese fare but if you’re in the area, don’t be shy. The fish is fresh, the rolls ¬†beautifully rolled and the flavours well balanced. I think what makes this place special is the owner, Tomo. He’s there in the back preparing food but also jumps at any chance to greet his customers and have a little chat.

The prices are a little higher than your standard sushi joint but it certainly won’t be more than 25-30$ per person and the fresh fish is worth the extra few dollars. If you find yourself there, be prepared to take your order to go since it’s a very small shop and there’s only room for two crammed 2 seater tables in the window. However, they are¬†aware of their spacial shortcomings and take care that all their orders have a couple little items to ensure returning customers. All orders come with two types of soy sauce (reduced salt and regular), wet naps for sticky fingers and little plastic containers to dip your rolls into (brownie points are certainly awarded for this!). Some more bonus points were awarded to the staff for making my positive experience their priority and slipping me an order of edamame on the house since their debit machine was down.



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