The $20 Challenge

Being starving students, saving some money is never a bad thing.  A couple of us came up with a neato idea.  The rules are simple.

1. Make a meal for two for $20 or less.

2. The meal must include 3 courses.  Something along the lines of an app, a main and a dessert. Or two apps, and a main. You get the idea here…

3.  The main needs to have a protein, vegetable and starch component.

4.  Items typically found in the pantry such as spices, herbs, s+p, oils and so on re not included. However, if one these items are purchased specifically for the meal in question then they must be included in the budget.  For example, if sesame oil is bought for a stir fry, then it is part of the cost of the meal.

Depending on where you sit, $20 can either be a lot or very little when it comes to cooking a meal.  While it is certainly possible to make a meal for far less then $20, we feel it is enough of a budget to allow some creativity and the purchasing of good quality ingredients.

Post any recipes and/or photos under the title $20 Challenge: (the name of your meal)


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