Pizzeria Libretto Revisited

After much deliberation and some very full stomachs, it has been officially decided that Pizzeria Libretto is my top restaurant of Toronto. Last night we returned for the second time, only to be enchanted once again by the warm and cozy atmosphere and unforgettable food. Similar to our first experience, the service was flawless, the staff knowledgeable and friendly (but not over the top) and the meal was outstanding.

During dinner it really dawned on me how important it is to be true to your ingredients. Pizzeria Libretto does exactly that and pairs it with a wonderful atmosphere leaving the clientele with nothing but a sweet taste in their mouths (and maybe a full stomach too). Last night’s meal began with a wonderful grilled calamari appetizer served with a scrumptious polenta and house cured Gravlax. Similar in texture but not in flavour, these items were wonderfully prepared and showcasing the abilities of the kitchen. This was followed by a platter of Libretto’s marinated beef tenderloin. Melting in your mouth, these morsels of heaven made me taste beef in ways I’d never tasted before. Anyway, the pizzas are the main event so let’s stop talking about anything but. Wanting the simplest, freshest one on the menu, I chose the Marghetia topped with doppio (double) Mozzarella, Basil and Tomato. It was truly a work of art with a thin toasty crust topped with by a layer of luxurious tomato sauce, fresh cheese and a few basil leaves. This is the classic combination but Libretto definitely did it justice by keeping the ingredients as close to their natural state as possible in order to show their true flavours.

Being somewhat of a dessert snob, I’m always skeptical of ordering this particular item when I’m infatuated with a restaurant since most chefs don’t really do it justice (sorry if I offended anyone). However, Pizzeria Libretto really does it all (in house) and to absolute perfection. Our choices included the Vanilla Gelato served with a crispy almond biscotti and the Lemon Panna Cotta. The ice cream was very creamy and definitely not overly sweetened (a mistake many make) but the panna cotta definitely stole the show. The very smooth and silky texture was simply a prelude for the explosion of tart lemon flavour one experiences, which is then soothed by its creamy vanilla counterpart. It’s perfect! And definitely something I will try my hardest to recreate.

Hope this restaurant brings all of you as much joy as it’s brought me and I really cannot wait to hear some feedback.

PS: I’m sorry the pictures really don’t do the food justice, but I guess we’ll just have to return to take some more.

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