Pizzeria Libretto Revisited

After much deliberation and some very full stomachs, it has been officially decided that Pizzeria Libretto is my top restaurant of Toronto. Last night we returned for the second time, only to be enchanted once again by the warm and cozy atmosphere and unforgettable food. Similar to our first experience, the service was flawless, the staff knowledgeable and friendly (but not over the top) and the meal was outstanding. During dinner it really dawned on me how important it is to be true to your ingredients. Pizzeria Libretto does exactly... Read The Rest →

All tiramisu wishes it was Lime Thyme!

I was recently given the opportunity to create my own dessert for Ma Maison, the pastry shop where I’m currently employed and after many months of trial and error it’s finally out. With the guidance of the pastry chef and a very vague idea, Lime Thyme was born. It is our take on a traditional tiramisu with a lime cheesecake layered on top of a thyme white chocolate mousse. In order to make the dish complete we’ve included a lime lady finger to separate the two layers of bliss. We’re... Read The Rest →


So I have returned with another update for the Vegetable/Fruit of the month club. I would like to officially dub May as “LEEK” month, regardless of this vegetable’s ability to be harvested from mid-fall until early spring. Also, the true gems of the leek family that spring up (bad pun) around this time of year are their wild and crazy cousins, the Ramps. Although generally a rarity in grocery stores, due to price and their perishable nature, these vegetables are definitely worth a scavenger hunt around the city. And to... Read The Rest →

New Feature: Epic Food Scans!

I was recently over for dinner at a friends house.  He brought out a few books that his dad had rescued from a local thrift store.  One giant and slightly off smelling tome, called “The Creative Cooking Course”, is an opus to haute cuisine of the late 60′s and 70′s shown through the jaded eyes of 1982.

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