Brock Sandwich – Toronto

If you like sandwiches (and who doesn’t?!?!), you should check out Brock Sandwich on Bloor. Located in the heart of what I consider the least important part of Bloor (1260 Bloor St W) right across from several unfortunate “gentleman’s clubs” and even more vintage clothing stores, this little restaurant is worth the venture. The prices are fair, the food is excellent and the staff are the friendliest bunch around.

Open every day of the week, for almost the entire day, you need not worry about missing out. We recommend having a late lunch or early dinner there (4/5PM) to avoid the massive line ups and have an opportunity to sit down with your meal. Otherwise, they do take out and if the weather’s nice you can find a leaning post outside and watch the always entertaining freak show that is Bloordale.

The decor is basic, done with practicality in mind and not necessarily style. The kitchen is open and exposed for all to gawk at their delicious grub being prepared. The space is tight, the flow non existent but the vibe is infectious. The owner (or so I assume) is always behind the cash, greeting everyone with a huge smile and eager to help in any way possible. The music is blaring but not so loud that you can’t hear your date and there’s always some sort of sporting event on TV.

Have I mentioned how good the food is?! Well, in case you missed it… the food is great! The sandwiches are inventive, seasonal and definitely messy (a sure sign of a good sando). The fried chicken sandwich is always on the menu and definitely a game changer. Hot, crispy buttermilk fried chicken surrounded by a delicious spicy sauce (piri piri), crunchy lettuce and a simple white bun. It’s so moist and tender, you’ll never want to stop eating it! Everything else on the menu is just as imaginative, flavourful and will satisfy even the pickiest eaters (hello, veggie sandwich!). They cure/pickle/prepare everything and opt for as many local products as possible making all of these a true labour of love. Oh, and try the fries! They’re sprinkled with paprika for an added layer of savoury goodness and a little heat.

The only con to these delicious meals are the buns! I know I may be a little bit of a bread snob, but the buns don’t reflect the quality of the products filling them. They’re too soft, crumbly and really don’t hold up a ooey gooey sandwich really well. A shame but definitely not the end of my Brock sandwich eating career.

Price wise, it sure won’t break the bank. The sandwiches are just under $10, fries around $4 so all in all with a drink you’ll come just under $20. I would say that’s a good price for a filling meal and some healthy, tasty grub.

All in all, a great place for a delicious meal when you’re feeling too lazy to cook! Or a place to take a break after a day long marathon of strip clubs and vintage stores (not sure if that ever happens but just in case…).

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  • April 20, 2015 at 2:43 pm //

    Brock Sandwich is one of the many new spots popping up in that ‘unimportant’ section of Bloor. I think a half dozen have opened in the past year. As well, there’s Ortolan, Karelia Kitchen, Emerson, Three Speed, Holy Oak, and around the corner, Lansdowne Scoop to the south and Toronto Coffee Company to the north.
    Truth be told, the area is evolving so rapidly, I find it difficult to keep track and I, at least ostensibly, live there!
    Check out the DIY sewing shop and Home Baked Goods for a treat.

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