Brock Sandwich – Toronto

Ham Sandwich

If you like sandwiches (and who doesn’t?!?!), you should check out Brock Sandwich on Bloor. Located in the heart of what I consider the least important part of Bloor (1260 Bloor St W) right across from several unfortunate “gentleman’s clubs” and even more vintage clothing stores, this little restaurant is worth the venture. The prices are fair, the food is excellent and the staff are the friendliest bunch around. Open every day of the week, for almost the entire day, you need not worry about missing out. We recommend having... Read The Rest →

Epic food scan 9: Wieners and Ford.

The assembly line.  A true invention of brilliance.  One person in a line of many, doing one thing over and over all day long.  Henry Ford introduced the world to mass produced efficiency.  Everything from clothes and tents to appliances and books were produced in record numbers by the vast faceless hoards of assembly line workers. At the end of their mind numbing, single task days, workers would flock home to their mass produced subdivisions and sit down to a nice mass produced meal like wieners.  In a single desperate... Read The Rest →

Epic food scan 8: The origins of life pt 1.

And in the begining there was nothing.  It was very boring.  And lo, the big bang occurred-eth.    Unto the universe, big bang begot the elements and the heavens.  As the universe  coalesced, primordial ooze, the very underpinning of life as we know it, was formed. Rich in amino acids, proteins and other life essentials, it was only a matter of time before life began. Courtesy of the Modern Museum of Ancient Life Sciences, is a rare, first hand glimpse of  that very essence of life, the primordial ooze. Click image... Read The Rest →

Epic Food Scan 7: A Taste Of Riddley Scott

As you can clearly see, this dish is a tribute to Riddley Scotts sci-fi masterpiece, Alien (that’s the first one for those keeping score). The trick to this dish is to slowly lean over the gently pulsating orbs, innocently taking in the oddly captivating visuals, totally unaware of impending doom.  While lost in the rapture of eggy-gooey bliss, a giant crab like creature launches from within and latches on to your face in order to impregnate you with an alien being which will burst forth from your rib cage somewhere... Read The Rest →

Epic Food Scan 3: Aspic Asteroid

Here we go with another food scan.  This wonderful looking culinary asteroid is an aspic salad.  While I do not doubt that the skill level required to make this epic creation is pretty high, the results are less then appetizing. Can you imagine getting a nice slice of this goodness? Can you imagine letting a cold gelatinous mass slide down your throat.  Mmmm gelatinous mass. More to the point can you imagine shopping for that crazy paisley plate?  Amazing. Click to see it in all its metioric glory. (Its a... Read The Rest →

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