Brock Sandwich – Toronto

Ham Sandwich

If you like sandwiches (and who doesn’t?!?!), you should check out Brock Sandwich on Bloor. Located in the heart of what I consider the least important part of Bloor (1260 Bloor St W) right across from several unfortunate “gentleman’s clubs” and even more vintage clothing stores, this little restaurant is worth the venture. The prices are fair, the food is excellent and the staff are the friendliest bunch around. Open every day of the week, for almost the entire day, you need not worry about missing out. We recommend having... Read The Rest →

Restaurant Review: Colborne Lane

Just last Saturday I was lucky enough to have had a dinner at Colborne Lane with friends for Claire’s birthday, 7 of us in total. During the reservation taking the host(s) that I talked to were friendly, polite, understanding, and professional. I say understanding only because the original reservation was for 10 then with many cancellations had the number go down to 4 then back up to 7.   Each time we talked they remained friendly, were even going to give us the private room that was reserved for another... Read The Rest →

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