New Generation Sushi on Bloor

Located west of Spadina on Bloor, this busy Toronto restaurant definitely caters to the nearby university crowd with their affordable pricing, quick service and good food. It’s become a bit of a regular spot for dinner for two very tired chefs providing enough nutrition for us to consider it a blessing that neither one of us has to cook. It’s always busy for dinner so expect a 10-15 minute wait but the experience is worth it. The food is as fresh as any other affordable sushi is but it’s brought to you with exceptional service and a smile so you don’t ever think of the ingredients.

The menu there is just like every other Asian restaurant, long and repetitive with minor changes between items.  Their motto does say it best “we provide all kinds of Japanese food” so I do recommend spending some time exploring all the pages of the menu in order to find the gems you’re looking for. The Bento boxes are a phenomenal way to try a variety of items and a great way to introduce sushi virgins to the world of almost authentic Japanese food. My favourite item on the menu does have to be their Spicy Tuna Maki which I personally recommend to everyone! Most items on the menu do come with a house salad, Miso soup and ice cream for dessert.

One of the greatest benefits to having your meal at New Generation Sushi is generally the bill. On average, the two of us will spend a total of $40 for more food than our stomach can handle. Also, if you’re also on a time restraint, have no fear; the staff moves with an incredible speed so your dinner won’t be longer than 30-45 minutes without making you feel too rushed.

I definitely recommend this location over it’s sister restaurant (located a few blocks down on the north side of Bloor) which extends the already lengthy menu to includes a very disappointing Korean BBQ.

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