Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Super simple recipe requires only a few ingredients and a little patience. Before you start, you need paper cupcake cups and a muffin tin (if the mini version of both is available it makes for a better size) and a pot of boiling water for your bain marie. -Melt about 500g of dark chocolate in a bowl over a pot of boiling water. Stir it constantly as to not burn the chocolate and ensure that your bowl’s bottom does not touch the water below. -Line the muffin molds with the... Read The Rest →

New Generation Sushi on Bloor

Located west of Spadina on Bloor, this busy Toronto restaurant definitely caters to the nearby university crowd with their affordable pricing, quick service and good food. It’s become a bit of a regular spot for dinner for two very tired chefs providing enough nutrition for us to consider it a blessing that neither one of us has to cook. It’s always busy for dinner so expect a 10-15 minute wait but the experience is worth it. The food is as fresh as any other affordable sushi is but it’s brought... Read The Rest →

First night of the $20 Challenge

Last night we created a meal from scratch that was both economical and extremely tasty. Our asian inspired meal included a spicy vegetable stir-fry (zucchini, snow peas, broccoli, botton mushrooms and green peppers), coconut chicken and a serving of rice. The chicken was sauteed off with onions and then simmered with coconut milk and cream. It was a very healthy meal and a wonderful way to enjoy a quiet evening out of the cold.

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