The Tempered Room, Toronto

What is your perfect dessert?


I know, such a loaded question for anyone with a sweet tooth since this choice is dependent on the circumstances around this item’s consumption… is it a hot summer day? a palate cleanser? a meal replacement? a post breakup remedy?… Regardless, for me, it involves butter, vanilla, cream and eggs. ****cue the Tempered Room flan ***** Creamy, silky, rich vanilla custard lined with a light and airy, buttery crust is my perfect dessert. It is so simple and yet so utterly satisfying. A rarity in the Toronto pastry world as it is basic in composition but it is so indicative of any shortcuts taken in the shop.

For those that aren’t as head over heels about flan (I promise to withhold any judgement) the Tempered Room offers a variety of delicious homemade classic French pastries. We tried the Swiss Brioche on our first visit and it was a lot of fun. Brioche dough is rolled thin, slathered with thick pastry cream and chocolate and then folded into a beautiful sweet sandwich. Their choux pastries are impressive, ever changing in flavours and showcasing true innovation. The croissants are buttery, delightful but not as flaky as I was hoping for. Savoury options include quiche and sandwiches, for which they used Blackbird baguettes so they must be good¬† ;-) .

The shop is located at 1374 Queen street West and is worth a visit. The decor is simple, beautiful and appropriate for the area. Upcycled furniture decorates the otherwise barren room, allowing the focus to remain on the stunning pastry displays. The space doubles as a catering/event venue ¬†outside the patisserie hours and Chef Bertrand Alepee is one of Toronto’s elite so definitely keep it in mind for your future events… and invite me… and we can have flan together!

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