Brunch at the Whippoorwill, Toronto

Whippoorwill brunch menu

Happy 2014 to all our readers and welcome back. A short regroup and here we are, writing about what’s important: food and especially where to eat it in Toronto. Our last meal out on the town was just yesterday morning and it honestly was so disappointing that we rushed over to our computers to do what every new age consumer does and blog the crap out of it. We found ourselves at Bloor and Dovercort, hungry on a Sunday morning and ready for an amazing brunch. We will admit that... Read The Rest →

The Symposium Cafe, Waterloo

I know we’re supposed to stick to the Toronto food base but this restaurant was so memorable that I had to put up a little post about it. Little did I know, before my Google research, that the Symposium Cafe is a chain of licensed cafes that spans from Mississauga to London (Ontario). Their website mentions that they pride themselves on having “a unique and exciting concept of upscale, casual dining” but unfortunately there’s nothing upscale about this entire place. If I had a rating system I would certainly give... Read The Rest →

Les Quinze Nits – Barcelona

There’s never been a restaurant more embedded in my memory as Les Quinze Nits in Plaza Real, Barcelona, Spain. More particularly, I remember every nuance of the dessert that I had there, the dessert that started my culinary passion. I even waited in line a second night in a row in order to experience that same bliss. However, that was six years ago and although the restaurant still remains nothing is the same! Located in a beau tiful plaza off Las Rambas in Barcelona (the main pedestrian walkway connecting the... Read The Rest →

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