Chef School Essentials Part 1 – Knife roll

So here we are, at the end of the whole chef school experience and a great time to talk about what was absolutely required and what pieces of kitchen paraphernalia are completely useless and shouldn’t be bought! And this is more than an open post so feel free to post your opinions and feedback! This is also written from the point of view of someone more pastry oriented so I need input from a butcher’s point of view… To start off I’ll describe my ideal knife roll and its contents.... Read The Rest →

George Brown Food and Wine Gala

So last night I had the pleasure in partaking in a very interesting competition… the George Brown Food and Wine Gala! A chance for the current students to showcase their culinary, creativity and time management skills. Despite some planning issues on food rations for the masses, the college really provided guests with a wonderful sensory experience. I’m posting some pictures and hoping that anyone who has attended the event can also add to my post. I also had a great time there. I found the people to be very receptive... Read The Rest →

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