Chef’s House Restaurant

So having been on both sides of the counter in this King st East restaurant I can’t give a fair review on the food since I’m prone to forgiving mistakes a little more easily. However, I will try my hardest to be as unbiased as possible when judging my latest food experience there, since it was a fairly good one. To explain the concept behind the restaurant a little better: it’s a very integrated part of the learning experience of both the culinary and the hospitality students at George Brown.... Read The Rest →

George Brown Food and Wine Gala

So last night I had the pleasure in partaking in a very interesting competition… the George Brown Food and Wine Gala! A chance for the current students to showcase their culinary, creativity and time management skills. Despite some planning issues on food rations for the masses, the college really provided guests with a wonderful sensory experience. I’m posting some pictures and hoping that anyone who has attended the event can also add to my post. I also had a great time there. I found the people to be very receptive... Read The Rest →

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