New School Bakeries

Here is a collection of new school bakeries from around the world. They emphasize not only baking but also stunning modern design.  Thanks to The Cool Hunter for these great images.                                                                         Be sure to check out the original article posted here, courtesy of The Cool Hunter.

Getting to know Pink Slime.

There has been a running story for the past couple of weeks about a product called finely textured beef a.k.a pink slime. In essence, pink slime is a filler product made from small bits of meat created during the butchery and processing of beef. It is collected from abattoirs, soaked in ammonia to kill any E.coli (and just about anything else) mashed together into a paste and mixed into ground beef and ground beef products. In other words, meat, that is unfit for use in any other application and is... Read The Rest →

Keep calm and eat hotdog stuffed pizza.

Endland. Home of the Royal Family, the Union Jack and the iconic phrase ‘keep calm and carry on.’ Now, it is also home to the hot dog stuffed pizza crust. Yes, pizza hut is offering a truly unique way to eat even more processed meat, by stuffing a hot dog into the crust of your pizza. Order any pizza you wish and step up to the luxury, the pedigree and the gastronomical acme of a hot dog stuffed pizza. Why settle for only a regular, boring crust when yours could... Read The Rest →

Do not feed the animals.

The food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever. Meanwhile, the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to “please do not feed the animals” because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves. Thanks to the  LA Times for this one.

Science, making booze boozier.

The good people at Terressentia have come up with a way of using science to make booze taste better by removing impurities left over from the distillation process.  In short, with typical distillation, there are lesser alcohols that are formed that leave a harsh taste in the mouth and contribute to hangovers.  By using their patentend  process, Terressentia can remove these unwanted elements making the refined product taste cleaner and smoother.  The  distillation process has pretty much been the same for the last hundred years or so and after watching the video, I am surprised that... Read The Rest →

The Gutmaster 8000

Behold The Gutmaster 8000! This a machine designed to eviscerate, decapitate and clean salmon. So, just how effective is this slice and dice contraption? It can fully process a salmon in less then two seconds, averaging out at about 30 salmon a min. The salmon get fed into a conveyor system where various blades make the necessary incisions. From there, suction is applied and the guts are removed. A series of brushes then clean the interior cavity and remove any left over bits. Finally, the fish is decapitated and exits... Read The Rest →

Tuna Sales Record: $736 000 or $2800/kg

At the first auction of the new year at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, a world record for tuna was set when a Sushi mogul purchased a 269kg blue fin tuna for just shy of $2800 a kilo. For those doing the math that works out to about $736 000.00 US. The astounding price was up $300 000 from last years record of $412 000. “Japan has been through a lot the last year due to the disaster,” he told AP Television News. “Japan needs to hang in there. So I... Read The Rest →

The Norwegian Butter Crisis

Thanks to a new diet fad, butter has been flying off the shelves in Norway. According to Reuters, butter sales jumped 20% in October and 30% in November. Further, butter production has been slashed dramatically due to a wet summer which saw a decline in animal feed quality and thus a shot fall off 25 million liters of milk. …limited supplies and the shortage has led some pundits to suggest the world’s eighth-largest oil exporter offer some of its plentiful fuel supply in exchange for butter. Butter is currently trading... Read The Rest →

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