Nana Restaurant Toronto

Mi Ga Ti with pork

Located at 785 Queen Street W. (in the Trinity Bellwoods neighborhood), Nana sparked a lot of excitement when its doors opened almost a year ago. Being the younger sister restaurant of one of my favourite places in the city, Khao San Road, my initial dining experience here felt a lot like meeting my significant other’s family for the first time. I was nervous, excited and my expectations were a little high since I am head over heels about the original. It’s too bad this turned out to be the trashy... Read The Rest →

MMM (Ma Maison Macarons), Spring 2012

Here’s the new macaron line-up for the 2012 Spring season: Dark Chocolate – Valrhona’s Nyangbo dark chocolate ganache Wild Strawberry – White chocolate and wild strawberry ganache Carrot Cake – Cinnamon cream cheese with a carrot and cinnamon curd Lemon Basil – Lemon and Basil infused white chocolate ganache Salted Caramel – Smooth and silky caramel filling with a salty and crunchy feuilletine crisp Pistachio – Ghana milk chocolate and pistachio ganache

Ma Maison enters a gingerbread competition

Just in time for the holidays, the Ma Maison team decided to enter a fierce but fun gingerbread competition. The rules were simple, make “something” out of gingerbread was basically all we were told. The construction had to be 2x2x2 feet and everything except the base had to be edible. Ma Maison came up with the idea of a bakery and although our results didn’t win the prize, a few great lessons were learned in the process. Here is what was created and some of the competitiors

Marben Revisited

I must admit, it was definitely the creativity and passion that went into making the food exceptional that brought me back to Marben after only a couple weeks. It’s Wellington West location in Toronto is definitely one that is starting to attract more and more attention. Just like on opening day, the patio and most of the indoor space was saturated with people out to have a great meal. However, the vibe is definitely more relaxed than that of the first night which definitely puts the diners at ease as... Read The Rest →

All tiramisu wishes it was Lime Thyme!

I was recently given the opportunity to create my own dessert for Ma Maison, the pastry shop where I’m currently employed and after many months of trial and error it’s finally out. With the guidance of the pastry chef and a very vague idea, Lime Thyme was born. It is our take on a traditional tiramisu with a lime cheesecake layered on top of a thyme white chocolate mousse. In order to make the dish complete we’ve included a lime lady finger to separate the two layers of bliss. We’re... Read The Rest →

Marben Restaurant

Having just reinvented itself and reopened its doors, this Wellington West restaurant is going to leave it’s mark on the Toronto food scene. Although I know a few people “on the inside”, I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible when composing this review. Dim lights, comfortable seating, light music and the pleasant aroma coming from the open kitchen make this restaurant very inviting and cozy. Kitchen accessories used as the decor throughout the locale could be considered a little too tacky but in this case really give the place... Read The Rest →


So I have returned with another update for the Vegetable/Fruit of the month club. I would like to officially dub May as “LEEK” month, regardless of this vegetable’s ability to be harvested from mid-fall until early spring. Also, the true gems of the leek family that spring up (bad pun) around this time of year are their wild and crazy cousins, the Ramps. Although generally a rarity in grocery stores, due to price and their perishable nature, these vegetables are definitely worth a scavenger hunt around the city. And to... Read The Rest →

New Feature: Epic Food Scans!

I was recently over for dinner at a friends house.  He brought out a few books that his dad had rescued from a local thrift store.  One giant and slightly off smelling tome, called “The Creative Cooking Course”, is an opus to haute cuisine of the late 60′s and 70′s shown through the jaded eyes of 1982.

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