A little taste of Canadiana, or not…

I will be the first to admit I really enjoy a cup of Tim Hortons’ coffee with a Boston Cream donut, or a French Cruller or even a few Timbits, especially on chilly winter mornings. It’s almost like a little secret pleasure I’ve had for many years that”s slowly changing now that I’ve become more aware of where my food comes from. A recent article in Maclean’s magazine reminded me of the origins of those sweet pastries and a little bit of research (since no more information is available online)... Read The Rest →

For the love of food

The culinary world is known to be grueling towards its devoted followers forcing them into hard labour, long shifts and very low paying jobs. It’s notorious for its late nights, heavy drinking and definitely attracting a lot of curious individuals into its realm. However, I recently realized that it evolved into something even more grueling right before our food crazy eyes. It has become a world of no job security, benefits or in many cases almost no income; without real justification for all these downfalls. Why do we do it?... Read The Rest →

Etobicoke Farmers Market

It’s definitely the time of the season when all fruits and vegetables are flourishing and most certainly the best time to visit a farmers market. Not necessarily for the prices but for the quality and freshness of the ingredients available there. My family and I have been avid consumers of the Etobicoke Farmers Market (located in the Etobicoke City Hall parking lot at Burnhamthorpe and West Mall) every Saturday for the past few years. From it’s beginning in early June until the very last few “warm” weekends around Thanksgiving, Ontario... Read The Rest →

Great beginnings…

I’ve always been passionate about food and I do feel like I’ve definitely enjoyed it more than those around me. It doesn’t only nourish me but it makes all problems better, cheers me up, calms me down, excites me, and if it was a person, it’d be my soul mate. It wasn’t until recently that I gave in to these thoughts and decided to take it to the next level. I’m soon coming up to my two year anniversary of being a part of the culinary industry and it’s been... Read The Rest →

Marben Revisited

I must admit, it was definitely the creativity and passion that went into making the food exceptional that brought me back to Marben after only a couple weeks. It’s Wellington West location in Toronto is definitely one that is starting to attract more and more attention. Just like on opening day, the patio and most of the indoor space was saturated with people out to have a great meal. However, the vibe is definitely more relaxed than that of the first night which definitely puts the diners at ease as... Read The Rest →

Book: The Making of a Chef

From the beginning pages of the book with the opening quote from A. Escoffier, “Everything is relative but there is a standard which must not be deviated from, especially with reference to the basic culinary preparations.” You get a sense that Michael has not written this book half heartedly. In fact as a reader you can almost taste the passion this man had and has for cooking and food. Michael is a writer by profession but a cook by passion. Only after going through the culinary program at the CIA... Read The Rest →

Book: Tender by Nigel Slater

I have a confession: I don’t like vegetables. I’m more of a fruit person. However I will admit there has been the odd occasion where someone has prepared some vegetable in a way that has blown my socks off. So in an effort to not get rickets, I purchased the most stunning book by Nigel Slater, Tender: Volume One. A book just can’t look this good, and not promise great tasting vegetables.

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