Moroco Chocolat, Toronto

Let’s just say, that if Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland had a baby, well, it would look a lot like Moroco Chocolat!!!! Located just behind the store fronts of Yorkville Avenue, this venue calls out to every adult’s inner child while still allowing them the sophistication that the neighbourhood endorses. It’s cute, whimsical and it will satisfy your every want and need as it morphs from pastry shop, to restaurant, to lounge; all in one day. Being a macaron fanatic, I was very enthused to try theirs since it was one... Read The Rest →

The Socialist Pig Coffeehouse, Gananoque

I know this little coffee shop is off the beaten path but if you find yourself in the 1000 island area, this is a cafe worth visiting. Located just across from the town hall in Gananoque (21 King St. East to be more precise) the cafe shares the main floor of a corner lot with its sister restaurant, Pig Iron Barbecue. Husband and wife team work together in bringing their customers fresh, local and delicious food. Local and seasonal food is on the menu for both venues allowing the shared kitchen... Read The Rest →

Final meal at Marben, Toronto

I am very disappointed to have to write this review but I think in light of the situation, I need to stand up for what I believe! Marben has a special place in my heart but all feelings aside, Notes on a Meal readers deserve my honesty. A few months ago, my fellow diner and myself received a meal that was a little off (a.k.a. expired to the point of stomach malfunction). It was a very unfortunate accident and it was forgiven and forgotten due to the numerous outstanding meals... Read The Rest →


“A little farmhouse revival” in downtown Toronto Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being invited to dine at the Chef’s table at Marben, a cozy and cool restaurant specializing in the art of butchery and charcuterie. From what I understand, the imaginative and passionate kitchen staff of Marben are responsible for making nearly every single item that hits the table, right down to the bread and condiments. What makes things even better is the fact that most, if not all, of the produce and meats served are grown... Read The Rest →

Pizzeria Libretto Revisited

After much deliberation and some very full stomachs, it has been officially decided that Pizzeria Libretto is my top restaurant of Toronto. Last night we returned for the second time, only to be enchanted once again by the warm and cozy atmosphere and unforgettable food. Similar to our first experience, the service was flawless, the staff knowledgeable and friendly (but not over the top) and the meal was outstanding. During dinner it really dawned on me how important it is to be true to your ingredients. Pizzeria Libretto does exactly... Read The Rest →

Pizzeria Libretto – Toronto

I can honestly say that I’ve been waiting a really long time for a Toronto restaurant to awe me in such a way. Authentic Italian pizza, an extensive wine list, service that isn’t pretentious and a warm friendly atmosphere all make Pizzeria Libretto (221 Ossington) one of the best dining experiences you’ll have in this vast city. Expect prices to be a little higher than your average chain pizzeria but parting with your money won’t be hard once you’ve tasted the food. Having a tiny storefront in a neighbourhood that... Read The Rest →

The Burger’s Priest, Toronto

On a mission to stifle a burger craving we found ourselves driving by a little place in the east end of Toronto known as “The Burger’s Priest” (Queen and Coxwell). I definitely cannot stress enough how small this restaurant is, but somehow it seats six and feeds many more. The place prides itself on keeping their burgers as simple as possible in order showcase their freshly ground beef and stay away from the previously frozen “meat” that is normally served in most burger joints. A large griddle, a few deep... Read The Rest →

Clafouti Patisserie in Toronto

Although faced with tough competitors on it’s Queen West block, this little cafe beats out both Nadege and Dufflet (two of the biggies of the Toronto pastry world). The decor and store front are definitely not worth a double take, but they work perfectly well with the unpretentious desserts they serve. A tiny bench outside the store and three little tables inside are all the seats they can fit into their tiny place, but luckily Trinity Bellwoods Park is located right across the street and they have plenty of seats.... Read The Rest →

New Generation Sushi on Bloor

Located west of Spadina on Bloor, this busy Toronto restaurant definitely caters to the nearby university crowd with their affordable pricing, quick service and good food. It’s become a bit of a regular spot for dinner for two very tired chefs providing enough nutrition for us to consider it a blessing that neither one of us has to cook. It’s always busy for dinner so expect a 10-15 minute wait but the experience is worth it. The food is as fresh as any other affordable sushi is but it’s brought... Read The Rest →

Marben Revisited

I must admit, it was definitely the creativity and passion that went into making the food exceptional that brought me back to Marben after only a couple weeks. It’s Wellington West location in Toronto is definitely one that is starting to attract more and more attention. Just like on opening day, the patio and most of the indoor space was saturated with people out to have a great meal. However, the vibe is definitely more relaxed than that of the first night which definitely puts the diners at ease as... Read The Rest →

Terroni Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for real Italian food (not frozen pizza or spaghetti in a can) Terroni  is be the place for you! Affordable prices, a pleasant atmosphere and food that’s very simple yet extremely tasty make this restaurant a great spot for dinner. With two locations in downtown Toronto (Queen west and Adelaide east) and one in uptown (st Clair and Yonge) this restaurant makes a great beginning for a night out on the town. We had the pleasure of dining at the uptown location and immediately fell... Read The Rest →

Marben Restaurant

Having just reinvented itself and reopened its doors, this Wellington West restaurant is going to leave it’s mark on the Toronto food scene. Although I know a few people “on the inside”, I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible when composing this review. Dim lights, comfortable seating, light music and the pleasant aroma coming from the open kitchen make this restaurant very inviting and cozy. Kitchen accessories used as the decor throughout the locale could be considered a little too tacky but in this case really give the place... Read The Rest →

Frangipane Patisserie

Hidden away on good ol’ Dupont just east of Spadina, this little pastry shop has proven that location isn’t always everything. With it’s big bay windows and open floor plan, this tiny patisserie gets to play in the big leagues of the dessert scene of Toronto. Although it’s lacking any kind of seating, the place offers a variety of treats that will make up for any of its shortcomings. It even has a little fireplace in the corner of the room to make the place feel warm and cozy. The... Read The Rest →

The Atlantic Restaurant

Having written plenty of negative reviews on this site, I’m proud to announce that this will be different. It’s taken me a while to formulate my thoughts and stew over any element that might not necessary be up to all our readers’ par (well particularly all foodie pars, which are waaaaay higher). So here we go…  The neighborhood (Dundas and Brock st) might not be stellar and the restaurant might not have much curb appeal but it’s definitely worth a visit. The dimmed lights, jazz music and comfortable buzz of... Read The Rest →

Barberians Steakhouse

To sum this restaurant experience up in one word is really easy since only one comes to mind when describing all the aspects of this dinner: outdated. From the decor to the service (although it was phenomenal) and especially to the food, the locale hold true to its well implanted roots on Toronto’s dining scene. Located in the center of the city (just a block or two north of the Eaton Center) the interior of this gloomy and windowless building is decorated with dark, flowery wallpaper complimenting the pitch black... Read The Rest →

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